Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue is very excited to announce we are now working with Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  Our goal is to take them from the track and introduce them to life outside of the racetrack and to restart/retrain them and find them new and exciting careers off of the racetrack.

Here is a list of the current OTTBs we have at our farm


Cross Gate


This is our newest addition to our OTTB group.  His Jockey Club name is Cross Gate, but here at the farm we call him “Andy”.  Andy is a 2005 16.1h liver chestnut gelding.  Andy has been a delight since the day he came to our farm on January 19, 2015.  Andy completed his last race on 12/31/2014, his trainer decided he was done with his racing career and contacted our farm to see if we would be interested in taking him to find him a new job.  We have been letting Andy have some down time and learn life outside of the race track.  We have started to begin his retraining and are very excited about his continued progress.  Andy is available for adoption and we believe he is going to make someone a wonderful horse whether they decide to take him into the show ring or just want a wonderful horse to ride and love at home.  His adoption fee is $800.  Contact us for additional information on Andy or any of our other wonderful horses.

Andy has been ADOPTED, congratulations to his new owner.  We are so happy with the connection he made with his new home and can’t wait to hear about the progress they make!!




Meet Maximoso or “Chase” as we call him on the farm. Chase is a 2007 17h bay gelding.  Chase was purchased 10/15/2014 by Madison Meeks to be her new up and coming show horse.  Chase last raced 8/29/14, Chase decided he was no longer interested in running so his trainers put him up for sale.  Chase is a wonderful horse that tries hard at everything he does.  He has quite a humorous personality and always keeps Madison on her toes.  We look forward to see the progress they continue to make and hope he will start his show career this spring/summer.

Chase is currently taking a few months off for some much needed R & R, we hope that he will be ready to restart with a little break and come back stronger then ever.  In the meantime his owner Madison is working and riding another horse at the farm, we wish her luck and know she will learn a lot from the other horse she is riding to apply to Chase when he is ready for her again.


A Shade of Grey


This is our baby “Grey” or A Shade of Grey.  Grey is a 2011 14.2h grey mare.  Grey had a very brief stay at the race track where they tried to teach her about racing but she had no speed or interest in that job so our farm was contacted about taking her to find her a new career.  Grey came to us in 2013 as a little 2yo that was just all baby.  She has the sweetest gentlest personality of any horse I have met.  She spent about a year and a half with us just growing up learning about being a horse.  She has recently started her show career with our trainers daughter Isabelle.  They have done wonderful at every show they have gone to, we look forward to see what is in store for these 2.  With Greys beautiful movement and willingness to try to do anything asked of her she is a asset to anyone looking for a very nice show prospect.  Grey is available for sale for $3500 to the perfect home.

Grey is currently being leased by one of the rider/boarders.  We look forward to seeing her take this great mare out to some shows and show her the ropes of trail riding and pleasure riding.

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